Calibration Lab provides accredited temperature calibrations to Life Science and Industrial labs

Calibration Lab provides ISO 17025 temperature calibration of thermometers, precision measuring instruments and temperature probes, with a minimal turnaround time and within a range of -90°C up to 1200°C.

We also provide on-site temperature calibrations at your facility of incubators, ovens, measuring equipment and temperature loggers.

Measuring instruments-thermometer & probes

Temperature measurement plays a crucial role in almost every lab. Calibration of the temperature measuring instruments used, e.g. data loggers, thermometers, immersion/penetration probes, thermocouples or thermistors etc., is vital.

All electronic temperature measuring instruments, resistance thermometers and thermocouples are calibrated by ISO 17025 with the most accurate temperature calibrators on the market, covering a range from -90°C up to +300 °C. The measuring range for ISO/factory calibrations is -90°C to 1200°Celsius.

Incubator & Oven (on-site)

Calibration Lab provides on-site temperature calibrations and thermal mapping for incubators, C02-incubators and heating ovens, using high accuracy calibration temperature dataloggers and accredited traceable PRTs (Platinum Resistance Thermometers PT100) and thermocouples.

We at Calibration Lab supply calibration certificates of temperatures below ambient temperature -80°C to a maximum of 1200°C. The temperature homogeneity, stability and accuracy are determined in an empty (incl. shelves) heating oven or incubator according to the DIN 12880 standard. The temperature accuracy (deviation from set point), stability (fluctuation in temperature) and homogeneity (9-points temperature mapping) will be accurately measured, logged and certified.

On demand the heating time and the recovery-time after door opening can be additionally measured and certified.

Temperature data logger (On-site)

Calibration Lab offers on-site ISO temperature calibration for continuous monitoring system data loggers and instruments to verify and ensure measurement accuracy.

We can verify and certify (onsite) your temperature loggers on-site within a range of -80°C up to 300°C. The temperature accuracy (deviation from set point) and stability (fluctuation in temperature) will be accurately measured, logged and certified.

Climatic Chamber (on-site)

Calibration Lab provides on-site temperature and relative humidity calibrations of climatic chambers.

Monitoring and measuring humidity is an important parameter in many Life Science or Industrial lab. The sensors that measure humidity need to be calibrated regularly to ensure that they continue to operate within their specifications.

Relative humidity sensor calibration is done in a climatic chamber at our company or on-site by using a humidity generator and accredited traceable measuring equipment.


Quality control of PCR thermo-cyclers is crucial for any Life science-Lab. The thermal performance with temperature uniformity and accuracy during a pre-defined time is the critical parameter for any high quality thermo-cycler. Accurate temperature control of the medium mix during the PCR cycles is essential for ensuring reproducible and steady results, avoiding false positive or negative results.

Our calibration engineers calibrate your 96, 48 or 24 well thermo-cycler by using a traceable certified multi-sensor (16 channels) temperature logging system. By measuring directly into your plate or recipient we will come as close as possible to real-time experimental conditions during your PCR tests and assays.

We will supply you with relevant and certified temperature data, guaranteeing a good performance of your PCR instrument.

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