Your local partner in ISO 17025 calibrations of your laboratory weighing equipment

Calibration Lab offers traceable accredited on-site weight calibrations of laboratory balances and scales. We offer an ISO 17025 accredited service to Life Sciences and Industrial laboratoria calibrating your weighing instruments up to a weighing range of 60kg.

Balances & Scales

Balances are an essential part of any scientific laboratory. Keeping your balances at all times up and running, accurate and precise, is crucial for any good performing GLP-laboratory.

Calibration Lab can assist you in supplying ISO 17025 calibration certificates for all laboratory weighing devices, independent of brand and model. Every certificate consists of linearity, repeatability and eccentricity (corner load) results.

Calibration Lab is ISO 17025 certified (BELAC Cal-391) for calibrations of laboratory balances up to 60kg. All tests will be performed using certified class E2 and F1 weights based on international OIML and EURAMET recommendations.

Weight verification

Calibration weights (also known as reference weights or test weights) are known, standardised weights, manufactured to very high tolerances and accuracy, used for the performance checking and calibration of analytical balances, precision balances and general-purpose scales in any laboratory.

Calibration Lab can perform on-site weight verifications for class M1, F1 and E2 weight from a few milligrams up to 60kg.

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