volumetric calibration

Calibration Lab provides accredited volumetric calibrations to Life Science and Industrial labs

We offer volumetric calibration lab services, including IEC/ISO17025 volumetric pipette calibrations , volumetric calibrations of glassware, dispensers, burettes and automatic diluters.

As a renowned expert in pipette calibration, we have also developed and marketed a pipette calibration software package called “pi-CAL” that can be connected to any commercially available balance.

Pipette Calibration

At Calibration Lab we provide your lab with pipette maintenance, ISO 17025 pipette calibration and pipette repair services to ensure that your pipettes are always working according to your expectations and comply with ISO or your internal GLP standards.

We offer your laboratory: a maintenance, pipette calibration and repair service for all your pipettes and dispensers regardless of the brand or model. An ISO 17025 accredited service with full pipette certification (BELAC) and statistical analysis, with pass/fail indication according to the ISO 8655 standard. Highly skilled pipette calibration technicians who supply a full pipette calibration service, on-site or at our accredited laboratory with a complete historical data overview of all your pipettes.

We proudly serve the Benelux market. Outsource all your pipette calibrations to an ISO 17025 accredited specialist.

Dispensers, burettes, diluters, glassware and syringes

With proper bottletop dispenser calibration, you’ll be able to deliver liquids precisely. Periodic calibrations can save your lab time and money by helping you avoid downtime and errors.

Our lab can calibrate your bottle-top dispensers and analogue and digital burettes to ISO 8655 standards. We also supply standard volumetric calibration certificates for laboratory glassware such as burettes, single volume bulb pipettes, graduated pipettes, graduated measuring cylinders, glass syringes and one mark volumetric flasks in compliance with the international ISO 4787 standard.

By using gravimetric methods with ISO 17025 certified balances and certified thermometers, barometers and measuring weights we will supply your lab with accurate volumetric corrected data.

Pipette calibration software

With more than 15 years of experience in servicing and calibrating pipettes in mind, we created a user friendly, fast and powerful pipette calibration software.

The pi-Cal pipette calibration software logs, calculates and stores gravimetric values to determine and to track the accuracy and precision of any volumetric pipetting device. This Windows 10 based pipette calibration software can be used to test all pipettes, all types and brands, as well as other liquid handling devices such as dispensers, burettes, syringes, dilutors.

Its ease of use and upgradability make it one of the most professional and comprehensive volumetric pipette calibration software packages on the market. And this for single users, large multi users or calibration service companies. Furthermore the pi-Cal pipette calibration software is available to be connected to any brand or model of any commercial available balance on the market.

Pipette client portal

The easy and ultimate online gateway to all your pipette certificates

  • User-friendly interface that allows easy access and immediate overview of all your pipette calibration assets
  • Access to statistical and historical data of pipette performances (evolution of accuracy and precision over the last five rounds of pipette calibrations)
  • The cloud-based platform provides access, print or download of your pipette calibration certificates
  • Keep track and manage pipette calibration due dates
  • Overview and administration of all your pipette service reports
  • Multiple users access with unique passwords

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