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Calibration Lab is recognized for setting a standard of excellence in full service calibration of precision measuring and laboratory testing equipment. Our highly experienced staff offer calibration services at our accredited lab, with a minimal turnaround time, or on-site at your facility.

Calibration Lab provides ISO 17025 calibration services to the Life Science and Industrial labs. We offer a comprehensive set of laboratory compliance calibration services including volumetric, temperature, pressure, weight and electrical calibrations of all your measuring instruments, as well as humidity, CO2, speed, force, torque and air velocity calibrations.

Aptco Group

Calibration Lab is part of the Aptco technology and group. Aptco Group is an international technology group of companies active in the distribution, manufacturing, servicing and calibration of scientific instruments and equipment for industrial, medical and academic laboratories.

France Scientifique and Benelux Scientific, also members of the Aptco Group, are active in the distribution of materials analysis and characterization technologies. Other members include Sopachem, GrafiMedics, LHM and Aptco Technologies. Sopachem offers materials for life sciences, biobanking and diagnostics, while GrafiMedics focusses on high-end monitoring systems for the medical sector. LHM is a service, calibration and equipment provider for the industrial process control environment. Aptco Technologies is Aptco group’s equipment and instrument manufacturing department.

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