Temperature calibration and mapping of laboratory heating ovens and incubators

Calibration lab provides on-site temperature calibrations and thermal mapping for incubators and heating ovens, using a high accuracy FLUKE calibration temperature datalogger and accredited traceable PRTs (Platinum Resistance Thermometers/PT100) and thermocouples (type T).

We at Calibration Lab supply calibration certificates of temperatures below ambient temperature -15° Celsius to a maximum of 1200 °C.

The temperature homogeneity, stability and accuracy are determined in an empty (incl. shelves) heating oven or incubator according to the DIN 12880 standard.

The temperatures are measured and logged in 2 horizontal measuring planes equally distributed over the inner chamber. In each measuring plane the temperatures are measured at four measuring points with an additional measuring point in the center.

The temperature accuracy (deviation from set point), stability (fluctuation in temperature) and homogeneity (9-points temperature mapping) will be accurately measured, logged and certified.