Calibration services for the Industrial Lab

Calibration Lab provides calibration services, calibration (weight,volume,temperature) and calibration-standards for the Industrial Lab such as:

Temperature Calibration

Calibration Lab provides on-site temperature calibrations and thermal mapping for incubators and heating ovens.

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Force Calibration

Calibration Lab now also offers a validation service for load cells and force measuring devices.

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Sieve Calibrations

Calibration Lab offers a fast, affordable, onsite service to calibrate your test sieves (all brands and sieve models).

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Glassware Calibrations

By using gravimetric methods with ILAC certified balances we will supply your lab with accurate volumetric corrected certificats in compliance with ISO 4787

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Balance Calibration

Precision and accuracy of your weighing instruments is crucial for any scientific laboratory. Regular weight calibrations (ISO 17025) are essential.

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Viscosity Calibration

An annual viscosity calibration of your rotational viscometer is essential to ensure optimum operating conditions.

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Pipette Calibration

At Calibration Lab we provide your lab with pipette maintenance, pipette ISO 17025 calibrations and pipette repair services.

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Calibration Standard

We also supply your laboratory with certified reference materials and calibration-standards